About Us

Welcome to Clothingland!
Clothingland was created from a need, a need to help others find a safe space where is ok to be different.
As we start a new decade we felt that there was something in the kids fashion world missing. Not every child out there identifies themselves with what they’re being told to wear, to be classified, to shop in an area they don’t feel comfortable in! That’s when Clothingland was born, a GENDER NEUTRAL STORE! Here one section is for everyone! Here kids can feel comfortable and have style! Feel happy and confident with what they wear!
Our pieces can be paired with anything to create your own style! You can make them as girly and feminine as you want or as boyish and masculine as it can get! 
Your kids don’t have to just feel identified with gender neutral, if they like fashion they will love our clothes!
Clothingland is more than just another kids fashion brand! We want to help others and will continue to do so! This is only the beginning! We are happy you’re here!